Introduction to Aquatic Engineering

What does an Aquatic Engineer actually do?

An expert Aquatic Engineer provides far more than basic engineering. In conjunction with the Client and the Architect, he helps set the basic direction of the development in terms of what works best and how much it costs. This type of service requires a multi-discipline approach and a willingness to work as part of a cohesive team. Our firm is widely accepted as a leading and accredited designer and may often be promoted by a number of competing architects. Our experience suggests that the development of an effective pool involves many intricate value judgements that requires the Client’s participation, and a structured team approach.

How is GNFP different from other consultants?

Our firm is unique in that we design and integrate both the pool structure and water  treatment plant. These two disciplines are very closely inter-related and are best done as one package. This enables the designer to develop strategies and economies that are very difficult to deliver if the two elements are undertaken separately. Combining the pool structure and the pool water treatment will solve many of the traditional problems that are commonly associated with the development of a modern pool complex.

What is Pool Design all about?

Good pool design is all about solving problems and developing strategies that best suit the particular needs and aspirations of the Client. Although we have over 30 years experience in the pool industry, we do not dictatorially promote one so-called definitive answer. Our mission is to design cost effective and appropriate solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our basic design concept is that an indoor swimming pool should enclose the largest water surface that is affordable. The cost of the pool and the plant is often less than one quarter of the entire project’s cost. Since the whole purpose in designing an aquatic centre is to create an effective indoor facility that is hygienic, efficient to run, and easy to operate while obtaining a maximum useable swimming area.

What services does GNFP provide?

At the beginning of the job we provide sketch designs, reports, cost estimates, options and choices. Although our firm is generally known for its technical ability, we are also able to provide valuable information on the benefits of various pool configurations and other issues.

When an optimum solution has been agreed, we embark upon very detailed design. Our designs encourage broad based competitive tendering, primarily because they are well conceived, and all issues addressed. A loose design, or a design that requires the Contractor to assume some design responsibility, will inevitably become unworkable, unwieldy and expensive. GNFP’s design documentation has evolved over a 30 years and is especially structured to obtain commitment and performance. Whilst some Consultants operate on the premise of providing performance type specifications, there are notable examples to confirm that this delivery method is not in the Client’s best interest.

What is the Basis of GNFP's Design?

A cost effective and efficient compliant pool design relies heavily on technical knowledge and applied experience. GNFP have successfully completed a very extensive range of pools and are familiar with all the potential pitfalls and the many benefits from innovation and integration. The GNFP design team will commonly include several Engineers working under the direction of a team leader.

GNFP has the specialist in house capability of filtration design and integration of pool structure that other firms do not have. In a very young and dynamic industry, this ensures the use of proven, up-to-date technology and a thoroughly co-ordinated design.

Although swimming pools are commonly considered in seemingly simple terms, many of the design issues are complex and inter-related. Indoor pools pose many special problems. In keeping with FINA’s thinking, our mission is based on using the least pool chemical in the lowest possible concentration. As well as providing healthy pool water this will provide a very comfortable atmosphere within the pool hall. Apart from basic engineering, GNFP can promote several innovations that have particular relevance to indoor pools, such as pool energy requirements, chlorine control, and the beneficial re-use of backwash water.

GNFP has designed in excess of 15,000 pools over the past 30 years, of which some over 300 are commercial pools.